Necessity Of Real Education

When you think of education, what is the first thought that strikes in your mind?

The first thing for many of us which comes to mind is about Engineering, Medical, Graduation, Post graduation, PhD etc.

According to our social standards, if anybody has a graduation degree, we look at him and treat him like an educated person.

But the point is,

Is he really EDUCATED enough just by holding a mere degree in his hand?

Can the education just be measured by a degree?

We all know how much marks we scored in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, etc.

Did you remember how many marks you got in the below subjects?

  • Moral values
  • Ethical values
  • Compassion
  • Gratitude
  • Self esteem
  • Stress management
  • Social responsibility
  • Leadership qualities
  • Creative skills
  • Health awareness

The hard hitting fact is, we don’t have these as main subjects in our education system right now.

Man without these is a savage.

These all are life skills.

Can you figure out how much important these skills are in your day to day life?

When you read newspaper or when you watch news channel, you will find that 90% of the news is about corruptions, murders, suicides, scams, accidents.

There is no wonder these are happening on a large scale. Maximum people involved in illegal activities are educated and by using their education only. But why all these are happening?

Just because they all are failed to master in the life skills.

There is no guidance for them to master these skills from the childhood.

No matter whether he is an engineer or a doctor or a lawyer or a businessman or a politician or a public service person. If he failed in morality, if he don’t have any gratitude, don’t care about social responsibility, how can we expect from them to do good deeds. They will do whatever they like. It is like a weapon in wrong hand.

A serious flaw happening is our system is, “Giving the people tools. But not guiding them how to use it”.

Now it is making sense right?

How can you expect an ideal society without having a basic understanding on what really a life is? I can surely say that we all were victims to these failed persons on a large scale or on a small scale at some point of our life at least once. If we all were victims, then our kids i.e., our future generations will also face them extremely.

Now tell me, do we really get the complete education from our academics? Does our children deserve such kind of society? Can we see them suffer just like us?

Definitely not!

We have to give them an ideal society where they can live their life to its fullest.

A big change can start with just one simple thought!

We should teach our children the REAL EDUCATION they needed in their life. No matter whether the educational institutions teach them or not. We as parents, have to guide them in a proper path. Don’t worry too much on just academic grades. As a parent, it is our duty to focus on their life skills. Teach them essential values.

Let the childhood be creative again.


Don’t teach them how to do it! Guide them how to experiment to do it!

Keep a track on:

  • how they are handling themselves
  • how they are handling failures
  • how much sportive they are
  • how much compassionate they are
  • how much creative they are


If you are holding a baby, it means the future is in your hands.

Provide your children a proper education of what you didn’t get and what they deserve.

It is not about marks at all. It is about FUTURE.

Don’t ever think education is just related to school or college. Education is about understanding the way of life.

Real education they need in their life:

  • Stress handling ability
  • Social Responsibility
  • Creative Skills
  • Sportiness
  • Attitude

I hope in near future, our education system will find the importance of these topics finds a way to incorporate in the academics. Till then, as a parent, it is our responsibility to fill the gap.

Let us raise a proper generation who can lead all the future generations.

Be the change you want to see!


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